Saturday, March 8, 2008

Anti-gay Christians

I am on a homeschooling yahoo group here in Connecticut, which has almost 600 members. It is mostly used for people to post activities that other homeschoolers might be interested in, with a smattering of threads about curriculum and educational philosophy.

Well today, someone listed this:

I’m pleased to forward information below about the 15th annual True Colors conference, coming up next Friday and Saturday, March 14 & 15, 2008 (there’s also a Pre-Conference Professional Institute on Thursday, March 13). True Colors organizes the largest sexual/gender minority (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or GLBT) youth issues conference in the nation, with over 3,000 attendees expected in 2008.

The theme this year is “A Global Perspective”, and there will be over 150 workshops and activities for youth/parents as well as professional audiences (educators, clinicians, etc.). Hosted this year by UCONN/Storrs, the conference is co-sponsored by many of the University’s schools and cultural centers, along with the State of Connecticut, American Academy of Pediatrics, and many other organizations.

*HOMESCHOOLING PARENTS* who are not requesting CEUs are eligible to ATTEND FRIDAY and/or SATURDAY at YOUTH RATES--homeschooling youth are already eligible for youth rates, of course (in addition to being the mother of a homeschooled child, my partner Robin McHaelen is also the Executive Director of True Colors)! :o) Just indicate when you register that you are a homeschooling parent requesting the youth rate.

True Colors’ Mission: “True Colors works to create a world where youth, adults and families of all sexual orientations and gender identities are valued and affirmed. We challenge all forms of oppression through education, training, advocacy, youth leadership development, mentoring and direct services to youth and those responsible for their well-being.”

For information on conference rates, registration, presenters, workshops, activities, etc., go to
And one of the group members responded with this:
Is this some sort of joke? I sincerely hope so. This is one of the bigger reasons I pulled my kids out of school, to keep them away from the sick minded warped main stream population. Gross!!! Why would anyone want to bring their family anywhere near that kind of influence.

Niki in CT
despite the fact that the group guidelines specifically state (among other things):
  • If a post doesn’t pertain to you, just hit delete!
  • We do not wish to engage in heated debates. Stating your opinion on a topic is fine, as long as it is respectful and considerate of the other members...
Well, despite the fact that I am not willing to spend the time looking through all the archives of things she's written to confirm this, I feel comfortable guessing that this Niki is a Christian, because this kind of language is really consistent with too many other Christian homeschoolers I've met. I have not spoken out strongly against Christians because I hate to alienate some of my readers, but enough already!

I've been listening to these podcasts, which actually started out on YouTube by a guy named Pat Condell. As an atheist, he's been giving me a lot of food for thought. Just this morning I listened to this:

Well I have to admit that I'm starting to actually agree with him. I'm tired of pious people (starting with family members). They are infiltrating our entire government and way of living, and they are about the most unkind and prejudiced people I meet. It's time to stop putting up with them, because they do not make any effort to get along with non-Christians!

Just the other night I went to a homeschool meeting and someone there said something along the lines of having problems with the principal of her local school being gay. Well, not wanting to cause a ruckus, I did not comment on it, but you know, I'm starting to really feel like I need to start calling moral bigots moral bigots, right to their faces.

This is all so tiresome. Even Gandhi wrote: "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

I didn't answer Niki's post, despite my desire to, because the list owners did address this hatred (despite being Christian themselves) and asked that the conversation discontinue. And it did mostly, until a gay woman responded eloquently and without malice.

I wrote what I hope was a supportive email to her off-list, but was very happy to see someone defy the wishes of the moderators and post a supportive response. An excerpt:
It is actually people like her [Niki] in my opinion that cause outsiders to say we should not homeschool our kids unless we are educated.

I have told myself to ignore everything from this poster because she writes like a little girl responding with a knee jerk response- not caring about what comes out of her mouth.

I have never met her, never want to, but this is not the first post that I have found offensive.

Had to write you. Try to breathe deep and know that many of us were offended by her comments...and we are accepting of all forms/types of families...well, that is not true, personally I have a very difficult time accepting families that promote inacceptance.
I didn't want to alienate myself, so I wrote to the gay woman off-list. Next time I will have the courage to do it on-list.


Robert said...

Very thought provoking post. I understand your frustration. I am a Christian and of course do not think the GLBT issues are such that I'd want my children exposed to. I'm clearly of the opinion that it is wrong. But for people to instill hate into the topic is also wrong. I can disagree, strongly as may be the case, without hating those who believe in the issues. I find that more than tolerance is expected from us. Acceptance is what they seem to want. Well, based on my beliefs, I cannot accept that. Nor do I feel they have the right to instill their beliefs on me and my family. (The same thing I'm accused of for not wanting to accept it.) I do not think GLBT issues should be discussed in school just as they don't want my beliefs discussed in school. Acceptance and tolerance is demanded from everyone else but I don't see them applying the same thing when it comes to beliefs contrary to theirs. How fair is that? But I still agree with you in that many "Christians" resort to hate. We all have sin (which I believe GLBT is). Every Christian is a sinner and no better than anyone else. The Christian has accepted Christ's finished work on the cross as payment for his/her sins. We have no reason to act self righteously and judge others for their sins. We should therefore have a deeper understanding, not a hatred. I hope this helps clarify at least how Christians are supposed to be.

smarmoofus said...


Robert, several things:
1. Homosexual is not a "belief." It is am immutable characteristic, much like race, sex, ability/disability, etc. So discussing it, or being "exposed" to it does not spread it like a disease.
2. Tolerance is acceptance. You can't isolate yourself and your family from something and then say you're "tolerating" it. You're avoiding it.
3. You may not being using the words of hate, but you are using hate-filled actions. Rethink how your lord would behave toward people of the GLBT community.