Friday, April 20, 2007

A place to talk about what's on my mind

That's what this is. My first blog is mostly to remind myself of all the wonderful learning that goes on in our family throughout our unschooling lives. But this is where I get to say what's on my mind. Because I really do have a lot on my mind, and think other people might be interested in hearing what that is. Also, back in school my teachers used to say I had a good "voice" for writing, so I think I'll go ahead and try to use it.

I'll start out with some of my favorite places to surf around online. Those giant questionnaires that seem to make their way around every once in a while, are always asking me for my favorites, so here some of them are:

The Positivity Blog
This is a really upbeat place to be. Check it out.

Daily OM
Your daily horoscope with inspiration.

The Breast Cancer Site
If you have a fast internet connection, clicking every day through all of the links (Hunger site, Animal Rescue, etc.) should take you no more than about 20 seconds. Just do it!

Your own personal DJ will find you new music you will love, based on songs or band names which you input. A must for music lovers.

Screen It!
If you have children, and you are concerned about the movies they see, and don't trust the reality of the rating system, this site is for you. These folks rate movies very, very thoroughly. It's a don't miss site.